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Great Minds have similar thoughts
"i cant really tell, im too poor on fantasy and intelligence to know or feel or see..." -Realism Is A Drag
"poets are dreamers... we daydream at our own peril" -Dr.Garnett
"those who write clearly have readers, those who write obscurely have commentators." -Albert Camus
"There are no facts, only interpretations." -Friedrich Nietzsche
"No man would set a word down on paper if he had the courage to live out what he believed in. Tropic of Cancer." -Henry Miller
"A man who lives for music dies into the same silence as one who lives for the pen or sword." -Floyd Skloot
"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." -Leopole Stokowski
"Only boring people are bored for long, and bored people are always boring." -Irvine Welsh
"Art is a lie which tells the truth." -Pablo Picasso
"just when you think tomorrow will never come; it's yesterday." -Earl Wilson
"We imagine always when we speak that it is our own ears, our own mind, that are listening." -Marcel Proust
"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about." -Albert Einstein
"There is only one thing that I know for certain: the value judgements of human beings are undoubtedly guided by their desire for happiness and thus amount to an attempt to back up their illusions with arguments." -Sigmund Freud
"People would rather make the void their purpose than be void of purpose." -Friedrich Nietzsche
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."." -Oscar Wilde
"this is the worst world of all the worlds was it just a bit more worse it could not even exist!" -Arthur Schopenhauer
"When it is dark, the objects and I will come out of limbo. Nausea" -Jean-Paul Sartre
"We all need mirrors to remind ourselves of who we are – I’m no different." -Leonard Shelby
"If God created us in His image we have certainly returned the compliment." - Voltaire
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    Wednesday, April 27, 2005


    Verliefde Vlinders

    they are a pair
    of unlikely butterflies
    wings wide bright
    cuddled in the night
    one was blue
    the other turns yellow by the light

    as the clouds broke,
    droplets of rain
    dripped off their noses
    collected in the gutters of their wings
    one flew in a low temperance
    one flew under a leaf

    face sealed with grey dust
    large eyes -
    like pools of amber in a wasteland
    he stared as the other fluttered
    they were helpless
    fall down to earth

    as the other fell
    the wet mud collected her
    her blue wings forcedly opening
    strugling, drowning.

    from up north the other weeped
    looked down below in disbelief
    droplets turned to shower
    and he couldn't bear it
    any longer -

    his yellow wings flung right through
    diving... not caring...
    but only thinking
    of pulling up the other.
    and so he tried, he dive
    and in a split second
    their eyes met

    yellow wings covered the blue
    they blended within the due
    both their eyes now closed
    both their eyes now dreaming
    of that sunny summer day,
    as they slowly melt away.

    Friday, April 22, 2005

    Night Light

    night light
    i beam
    i stare
    as i move about
    one step
    from yet another
    counting all the pines
    counting all the signs
    in an aviary of shadows
    a burst of stars
    the crash of waves
    the fading sun
    a warrior going down
    now all spirits take flight
    and wander through the night

    night lights
    i hover
    i spare
    a second gone with you
    the silk of your blanket
    i wrap me with stars
    as the wind flew about
    another moondust
    another dawn's dusk
    through rooftops
    i look down
    and how your brilliance
    above everything else...
    above everything.

    note: set the mood with *Death in Vegas - "Girls" (from lost in translation soundtrack)

    Wednesday, April 20, 2005


    Books, poetry, mythology, writing, composing, music, music, music, not sleeping, intellectual stimulating... is what I flood myself from day to day. I sweat, I dream, I freeze, I melt, I scream in silence. All senses in tune. All senses at work. Honey and tea to my lips, sweet crisp of sugary scent linger in the air of my room, mixed with what most do not consider fragrant but me, the smell of old paper, pages of books.

    Time seems to pass so quickly, a day is not enough. And I wonder how hours of glancing seemed like a second. A weekend seemed like an hour. And now the sun is peeping by the window in my room again. Another day has passed, another day is about to start.

    Someone feared my unsleeping and sudden jumps into the shower will paralyse me. But am I not yet? Am I still going to be?

    Confined to a handcuff in my room, there's so much to know, so much to go to, so much to explore. And so little time. It frightens me to even step out. But in a glance outside I see a wide open field touching the sky. The end where it all begins. And a faint green shadow waves by the distance. Is it me? Is it me that he seek?

    Now writing down thoughts that no one dares to see nor read in between... would the green shadow catch me as I fall into another dream?

    'Christina's World' by A.Wyeth

    Catch me, in another dream, I'm pulled away,
    Hold me, gently take me through another day.

    However hard I try,
    I crawl when I should fly.
    I wander through my days,
    Pulled a million ways.

    Help me feel the forces I can't touch, I'm reaching out.
    Help me learn, until I know too much, I'm still without.

    These circles pulling me near,
    Hold me in my fear.
    And sleeping I can't hide,
    I'm paralysed inside.

    note: first part was written by Velvet
    second part is a song from Ride

    Sunday, April 17, 2005

    red morning

    by: Devics

    streams of streets that seem to change you
    but you know they'll always find you
    know one ever really knows you
    in light of the heart
    that beats over your head

    until you listen to it
    until you run right to it
    there's no right way to do it
    it's the light of the heart
    that beats over your head

    turn up the stereo
    I can't hear when you talk so loud
    I want to go wherever it goes
    I want to be there in the red red red red morning

    you found places to stimulate you
    but you know they'll never change you
    you could run forever
    and find that the heart
    still beats over your head

    turn up the stereo
    I can't hear when you talk so loud
    I want to go wherever it goes
    I want to be there in the red
    red morning

    Saturday, April 16, 2005


    you shatter by every movement
    you smile at the unknown
    you follow off your shadow
    you run as the wind blow

    your innocence grasp
    a beautiful world you paint
    as you run and scream and giggle
    a sun shiny day you cuddle

    a tainted society may not understand
    how your eyes see what we not
    it must have been a wonderful view
    to see the beauty that lies in you.

    Lake... innocent and serene

    Wednesday, April 13, 2005

    Floating in between dreams

    golden.. cloudless.. far away.. adrift.. at sea..



    far away


    We're like a boat drifting
    In a lonely sea
    And the stars and moon shine
    Down on me

    Down, down the river we go
    Holding on for dear life
    To the last stick of the raft
    For we do love
    And he tried to be brave
    Through each and every tear
    And the only warmth
    Is the warmth of their bodies

    We're like a boat drifting
    In a lonely sea
    And I start to cry
    I need nothing but you
    I wish I could be beautiful for you
    But I feel as shallow as steel
    No words are hollow enough
    For how I feel

    at sea


    Friday, April 08, 2005

    Addicted to Blogging, music downloads, headsets and the Green Ares

    I should be off to work now. Tssk. I should. Eh, maybe im just jealous of the non-working friday of Government offices in this country.

    Now, choose your addiction, cyber humans. (ha!)
    Baudelaire said always be drunk. By alcohol, by poetry, by music, anything. And here's a blogger joke by Joi Ito, a Japanese venture capitalist with Silicon Valley, wrote on his blog, with a link found here, "You are addicted to blogging if you answer `yes' to 3 of the following questions:"

    1. Do you think about everything in terms of whether it will make a good blog entry?
    2. Do you keep your computer in standby mode beside your bed and wake up at 2 a.m. to blog?
    3. Do you skip lunch and blog instead?"

    Hmm....I wonder. Lol! well, one can re-phrase the questions, change some tiny details, maybe a word or two and still its all the same.

    Blogging, clicking next link to next.. leaving a comment or two, I found
    mentaltech. First, I thought it's one of those spam blogs, but hey, it's not. What caught my eye was when I scanned down and found this interesting new word, Narcipost. I speculated some more here and found out that I am a blog addict, ow? haven't i known that before?

    I confess, now tie up my hands and burn me to the stake! But don't forget to give me links to mp3s and vid music downloads. Eh, a scanner, a digital cam and adsl! (oh, cable will do, lalala...) And yes, let me kiss The Green Ares before I die. In person, that is!

    note: There's a recent survey about bloggers who worry about the effect of blogging in their lives. Read the
    news article.

    Thursday, April 07, 2005

    Mars and Venus

    Ares and Aphrodite

    "Even the Sun whose light rules all the stars
    Has known love's kingdom; we shall tell of it."

    Who could forget about
    ...Vulcan's net, so light, so delicate
    So thinly woven of fine-tempered bronze
    the casual-glancing eye would never see it-
    Less visible than the sleekest threds of wool
    Or nets that spiders hang from tallest beams.
    That was draped as a sheet on Venus' bed.

    and who could forget about how
    ...One god remarked that he envied Mars,
    while Vulcan's room was shook with godly laughter:
    For many years this tale was told in heaven.

    :: Metamorphoses, Book IV
    : trans. by Horace Gregory, 1958

    note: A month of peace, reverie, abstracted musing, floating and serenity... *.*

    Wednesday, April 06, 2005

    Santo Subito!

    for all souls

    ...a candle lit by a Nation... a daydreaming nation.


    Sunday, April 03, 2005

    Sonnet XXIV

    by William Shakespeare

    Mine eye hath played the painter and hath stelled
    Thy beauty's form in table of my heart;
    My body is the frame wherein 'tis held,
    And perspective it is best painter's art.
    For through the painter must you see his skill
    To find where your true image pictured lies,
    Which in my bosom's shop is hanging still,
    That hath his windows glazed with thine eyes.
    Now see what good turns eyes for eyes have done:
    Mine eyes have drawn thy shape, and thine for me
    Are windows to my breast, wherethrough the sun
    Delights to peep, to gaze therein on thee.

    Yet eyes this cunning want to grace their art:
    They draw but what they see, know not the heart.

    note: Oh, and how Velvet Venus knows the heart of Green Ares...

    Friday, April 01, 2005

    Killing Time

    I notice how most people couldn't stay long in one place without uttering a word, without scratching the itch to talk. Well, call me a non-people person (whatever that means). But after 50 pages or so of the novel I am reading, while waiting for my turn in an interview in this international company that is just starting in this country, I noticed, I'm the only one not talking.

    Ok, it's required for the job position I am applying for, to have the ability to talk for hours to different kinds of people. (Erm, does web chatting for hours count?) Well, I'm still in the process of curing myself of my "aloofness". Oh, scrap that. That's too much of a word. Although, my next choice of word to describe myself is "eccentric" (Oops. That is a big word too). lol.

    Anyway, here I am talking in my head, writing down my thoughts. While a dozen or so people chatter, whisper, murmur, and impress each other with their experiences in other companies such as this. Okay, if you are all so good, passed and all, why are you here, applying in another one? Oh, ok that's cruel of me. Tssk. Should I ask pardon from my dear readers?

    I'm intentionally writing with a blurry disgruntled penmanship because the guy beside me is trying to read what I am writing. Like the way he glances at my book once in a while. As if trying to get interested too. Well, maybe he was just killing time like me.

    Imagine, sitting on a chair for almost two hours, mouth shut, saliva dried, little cramps to a leg vein or two, shifting your butt in the same seat, and only time you move your arms is when you get your mobile phone from your pocket, pretending to sms or recieve one from an imaginary friend. Eh, why wouldn't I try to read the book of that eccentric girl beside me?

    I've come to the end of the first half of my novel when I realized how gradually noisy the background is becoming. I suddenly mixed my imagination with the hero and heroin of the story to the blabby girl behind me's vocal story of her working in this so and so company with this so and so compensation that she finds so and so... Pff!

    Anyway, the setting of the novel is in the 1700's. So, dear readers, just imagine what I could have just imagined. (lol) Ok, so this book is no longer suitable for an 'escape of tension' at the moment. Better be back to the real world now.

    Slap my senses. Wake up! You're waiting to get interviewed, remember? I've been practicing in my head what best suits possible questions over and over till I found it a nuisance. Err, I might sound scripted already. But for now, I should stop my writing. Coz that guy beside me is really trying to read this now.

    Ok. Close my little blue book.

    Happy April Fools... lmao...

    note: Hey, this really did happen today. 8D

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