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Friday, September 12, 2008

saying goodbye to outdated links

i have been trying to change my template for days and i know i have links (esp on my blogroll) which dates back to 2004, when i first started blogging. gee! its been what? 4 years already!

unfortunately not all my friends since then are still active in the cyberworld. or then again, have already changed locations..

as much as i want to keep them on my list (maybe they decide to put their sites back) i have too much going on at my sidebars that i need to lessen the activity. aside from that, i have this pop up thingy that i cant seem to remove lol. its adbrite's fault. oh well i havent opened my account there in ages! so thats another thing to add to my "to do list".

but here goes the links that i shall remove from my sidebar. the minimum time frame for me to classify them as outdated is if they havent touched their blogs/sites for 6 months or more.

Pinoy Top 100
onbloglist blog ranking
(additional dead directories are still being reviewed)

:: Literature ::
A Warrior's Tale
Aristocrat i
Aristocrat ii
A Neutral World?
atomic poet
bluesky tavern
c. asbury
feminine expressions
haunted house dressing
indie ronron
lost in thought
make me hurt
melancholy of sorrow x
The Grey Scribe
::Illustration Friday Folks::
Forever Young
Mick Mather
Shane Garton

:: Visuals & Art Blogs ::
playing with light
Day Painter
a painting a day
a real jewel
bob doodles
chaotic paradox
glowing minds
jorgen's photos
shutter junkie
funny news
people you might meet online

:: Pinoys around the world ::
Chaos meets Deity
my kid cousin
bagoong ave.
faux seriousness
no penny
poems of a worm
twisted illusions
Twisted Jessica

:: Music ::
Radio indie pop
:: Shoutbox Deities ::
captain jeff
Ragdolls Customs
the Burning Question

i visited them one by one and placed a comment on their last post. (if i do not end up in a 404-page) some of them used to be really great blogs. strangely, a few tho ended up owned by somebody else or the owner suddenly felt its better to have a spam blog.

and i now remember how blogexplosion used to be so fun. now they have totally blown out of proportion when it comes to blog counts. i dont even go to the shotbox anymore. it's too crowded. but if you wanna drive traffic to your blog, thats one of the best ways i guess lol. anyways..

as Robert Smith sings "this wonder always leaves, the time always comes to say goodbye.. and this tide always turns.."*

i guess i wont easily get tired of blogging. let's see tho in another 4 years time?
note: *line from "Bloodflowers" - by the Cure


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Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

haha! scheduled post worked! but then again i lost calculations and ended up in a friday. oh well my illo will be up tomorrow.. 8)

12/9/08 11:24 PM  
Blogger Dennis Villegas whispered...

Thanks for sparing my blog from the remove list, though I blog irregularly, hehehe. You've been blogging now for 4 years? Wow, that's quite an achievement.
I always enjoy reading your write-ups and viewing your artworks, so I wish you more years of happy blogging :)

15/9/08 9:04 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

of course i wont remove your link from my list (unless you totally closed your blog) hehe.. and its really an honor reading such comments from you sir! (hehe sorry old habbits never die ~ you are still a teacher to me)

so when will there ever be a reunion at school? and would you come if ever? ha! i bet we're the only ones who will talk about blogging.. lol..

15/9/08 9:53 AM  
Blogger AscenderRisesAbove whispered...

i really do understand the gardening needed to be done... I am thinking of doing the same thing; perhaps just creating a page for links and taking them off the blog page altogether; and making this other page worthy.

16/9/08 12:53 AM  
Blogger soulbrush whispered...

hi there, yes please remove me as 'forever young' and add me as soulbrush...and i will add you again to mine. hugs.

16/9/08 1:06 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

ascenderrisesabove.. oh yeah over the years of blogging it will really gain you lots of friends but some of them just pass by..

and your idea is fine too.. i had that first in mind but then i need a total revamp of my template to have a navigation bar on top.. maybe in a few months i will hehe 8)

soulbrush.. oh but of course you were linked as soulbrush the day i made the changes 8) thank you again for being such a sweet friend..

16/9/08 4:40 AM  

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