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"i cant really tell, im too poor on fantasy and intelligence to know or feel or see..." -Realism Is A Drag
"poets are dreamers... we daydream at our own peril" -Dr.Garnett
"those who write clearly have readers, those who write obscurely have commentators." -Albert Camus
"There are no facts, only interpretations." -Friedrich Nietzsche
"No man would set a word down on paper if he had the courage to live out what he believed in. Tropic of Cancer." -Henry Miller
"A man who lives for music dies into the same silence as one who lives for the pen or sword." -Floyd Skloot
"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." -Leopole Stokowski
"Only boring people are bored for long, and bored people are always boring." -Irvine Welsh
"Art is a lie which tells the truth." -Pablo Picasso
"just when you think tomorrow will never come; it's yesterday." -Earl Wilson
"We imagine always when we speak that it is our own ears, our own mind, that are listening." -Marcel Proust
"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about." -Albert Einstein
"There is only one thing that I know for certain: the value judgements of human beings are undoubtedly guided by their desire for happiness and thus amount to an attempt to back up their illusions with arguments." -Sigmund Freud
"People would rather make the void their purpose than be void of purpose." -Friedrich Nietzsche
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."." -Oscar Wilde
"this is the worst world of all the worlds was it just a bit more worse it could not even exist!" -Arthur Schopenhauer
"When it is dark, the objects and I will come out of limbo. Nausea" -Jean-Paul Sartre
"We all need mirrors to remind ourselves of who we are – I’m no different." -Leonard Shelby
"If God created us in His image we have certainly returned the compliment." - Voltaire
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    Sunday, October 22, 2006

    Illo Friday: Ghost

      ghost from the past

    Boxed up

    I am torturing myself
    Locking up myself
    To a seclusion of frailty
    Of my own weakness;
    Of my own grief.
    I have gone
    Not knowing when to return
    If I should return
    Not knowing what’s ahead of me
    Not caring.
    I have crossed the boundaries
       Of my own feelings
    And I detest what I have done.
    What’s left of me
    Is your shadow
    Creeping my every move
    My every breath
       Stands for you
    And I have to go further
    Until your image fades
    But my thoughts I can’t compete
    I have to destroy myself,
       Before it destroys me.


    note: poem was written in May 31, 2001. illo was made today.
    strange that after reading thru my old poems, i realized that part of me was still being haunted by my past..
    it's just a case of not being affected by it negatively, and instead, learn from it.


    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    B&W Challenge:Bird (oiseau)

    bird, can you still run in the morning sun?
    there in your cage, are you locked up or just safe?

    can you still see the memory of your past?
    or would you rather forget what you left?

    bird, do you still recall where you've been?
    are you willing to stake out everything?

    did you once have a name, a family, a flock?
    or would you chose to let go or lock yourself up?

    bird, i know you do not
    but do you see what i see, feel what i feel?

    i am tempted to open the gate and set you free
    but i am afraid of what lies beyond
    and what's gonna happen after crossing the line?

    maybe you are too..

    i'm sorry if i can't do anything.
    i have no power to move or shape things.

    now i see, you are a bird but you cannot fly
    so am i.

    this is for this week's black and white challenge


    Saturday, October 14, 2006

    Photo Friday: Destruction

    seething rain

    by the distance i look over
    from the other side of the sea i stare
    awaiting for the rain's seethe
    to cleanse my being, my soul,
    to touch me and make me feel
    to awaken this numbness in me.

    as i see it coming
    and i froze as i gleam,
    locked in the trance of unknowing
    spared from the adamant dullness
    of the vast trenching sky -

    wave down to move forward
    stickled my glued feet together
    to the green earth;
    but somehow i still see
    however i close my eyes
    the devastation that i have left
    still haunts my every glint -

    now the clouds liquidifies
    and so does my psyche;
    as time has told me repeatedly
    you are your own freedom,
    you are your own wrath.

    note: this is my entry for
    Photo taken at Dencio's Restaurant in Tagaytay, over-looking Taal Lake


    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    B&W Challenge: details of the body

    (Un détails du corps)

    "Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.
    Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.
    Just walk beside me and be my friend."

    - Albert Camus [quotes]

    note: something simple for Black and White Challenge


    Friday, October 06, 2006

    Photo Friday: Thin

    sometimes, i feel like i'm walking on thin lines
    that my tendency to fall off is very steep
    as i am no clown to be able to balance accordingly,
    clowns do not walk on electric lines.
    but if they do,
    there is always a net to catch them.

    note: a random thought when you're not yourself.
    this is my silly entry for this week's
    It's October.. so have a fun Octoberfest weekend everyone!

    trivia: unlike the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, which held this year's feast on Sep. 16th - Oct. 3rd [read], in Manila, it's a full-month event. So, bottom's up! };-}


    Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    uncovering what's beneath the silence

    it started with two people
    who marked their initials on sand

    camouflaged beneath the lines
    of their strenuous futile lives

    whose darkness both were only what they see
    marking the world's superficiality

    and then a brightness slipped in
    a shade that remained as a symbol

    that there is something more
    that there is something to look for

    and what they found
    was something that erased those lines

    what they found have
    placed all the darkness behind.

    note: this is the progress of both my illo for IF:Quiet and my life..

    click last piece to view at flickr.


    Monday, October 02, 2006

    Illo Friday: Quiet

    beneath the silence

    beneath the silent waters
    i hide
    from the muddled days that pass
    fast paced motion i can't catch
    i wash my cluttered sorrow
    untangling each strand
    dying for a fresh tomorrow
    holding on to my mind's command

    beneath the silent wind
    i float
    carrying my thoughts to somewhere
    putting down the option of running off
    hauling my dreariness to flee
    to gain satisfaction of what's enough

    beneath the hidden volatility
    i stir
    in the quiet of my own being
    nobody can shatter me
    as i unravel what's beneath
    my own existence

    530 x 700
    MS Paint

    note: i havent made an illo in MS Paint for a while, so it took me about 4 and a half hours to finish this piece. pfew! now time to sleep...


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