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Friday, April 01, 2005

Killing Time

I notice how most people couldn't stay long in one place without uttering a word, without scratching the itch to talk. Well, call me a non-people person (whatever that means). But after 50 pages or so of the novel I am reading, while waiting for my turn in an interview in this international company that is just starting in this country, I noticed, I'm the only one not talking.

Ok, it's required for the job position I am applying for, to have the ability to talk for hours to different kinds of people. (Erm, does web chatting for hours count?) Well, I'm still in the process of curing myself of my "aloofness". Oh, scrap that. That's too much of a word. Although, my next choice of word to describe myself is "eccentric" (Oops. That is a big word too). lol.

Anyway, here I am talking in my head, writing down my thoughts. While a dozen or so people chatter, whisper, murmur, and impress each other with their experiences in other companies such as this. Okay, if you are all so good, passed and all, why are you here, applying in another one? Oh, ok that's cruel of me. Tssk. Should I ask pardon from my dear readers?

I'm intentionally writing with a blurry disgruntled penmanship because the guy beside me is trying to read what I am writing. Like the way he glances at my book once in a while. As if trying to get interested too. Well, maybe he was just killing time like me.

Imagine, sitting on a chair for almost two hours, mouth shut, saliva dried, little cramps to a leg vein or two, shifting your butt in the same seat, and only time you move your arms is when you get your mobile phone from your pocket, pretending to sms or recieve one from an imaginary friend. Eh, why wouldn't I try to read the book of that eccentric girl beside me?

I've come to the end of the first half of my novel when I realized how gradually noisy the background is becoming. I suddenly mixed my imagination with the hero and heroin of the story to the blabby girl behind me's vocal story of her working in this so and so company with this so and so compensation that she finds so and so... Pff!

Anyway, the setting of the novel is in the 1700's. So, dear readers, just imagine what I could have just imagined. (lol) Ok, so this book is no longer suitable for an 'escape of tension' at the moment. Better be back to the real world now.

Slap my senses. Wake up! You're waiting to get interviewed, remember? I've been practicing in my head what best suits possible questions over and over till I found it a nuisance. Err, I might sound scripted already. But for now, I should stop my writing. Coz that guy beside me is really trying to read this now.

Ok. Close my little blue book.

Happy April Fools... lmao...

note: Hey, this really did happen today. 8D

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Blogger dreaming-neko whispered...

don't kill time, velvet!
nurture it~

5/4/05 2:10 PM  

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