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Friday, March 18, 2005

escape with books

I don't take rejections too lightly.
One more rejection... and I'm gonna go back to locking myself.

The problem with me whenever I'm out by myself (read: no one tagging along, no one telling me where to go and not to go to... woeha!) I always spend too much time in a bookstore. Be it second-hand thrift or new ones. Major bookstores, hard-to-find (err, expensive at that) stores, in supermalls, mini-malls, anywhere near my original destination. I even went down a bus a number of times (which was supposedly heading home, and the fare was already paid) just to drop by another bookstore (so to control myself sometimes, I ride the train). Mostly not having a paricular book in mind to buy, but I always carry along in my bag a list of my would-be books to add to my pile of would-be read.

Today, erm, march 15 actually, after going through with some interviews and job-hunt nuisance, my way to relax is go on a limitless book-hunt. Woah woah woah..
Powerbooks! And I was hearing my mobile phone ringing...(eh, probably my sister thinking I got lost somewhere) but I was so overwhelmed at the pool of wisdom waiting to be jumped into, that the ring remained faint in the background.

"Well, you could download that from the net" some stupid idiot murmured behind me as I was picking a collection of Edgar Allan Poe's Short Stories. Pff! I already have nincompoop! But hey, I wasn't even sure if he was refering to me, nonetheless, I still never let go of the book. And oh what a bargain ~ only Php180.

Erm, as for the sub-title above... nevermind. It's just one of those days when you feel that you are a hermit too long to actually blend in now with the crowd.. especially those of the "corporate world". And i still find myself a lost soul finding my solstice in books and dreams...

note: this post has been sleeping in my draft for 3 days now... lol

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Anonymous jops whispered...

I hope u don't lock yourself up have so much potential..gloomy girl is already gone right?! keep on trying...rejections makes us stronger..nice girls finish last..hehe..and as for the corporates? dont mind them...

20/3/05 10:56 PM  
Blogger dreaming-neko whispered...

wow! i do the same thing! i can get lost in books, movies and dvd stores. you can never have enough books... :)

27/3/05 2:05 PM  

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