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Monday, March 28, 2005

Below the Stars

Walking, on my way home, I notice how exceptionally bright the sky was tonight. Clear, sky blue blended in navy, dashed with purple magenta shades and sprinkled with a million stars. Decorated, accented by the heavenly object smiling sideways in the dark.

Walking, my head adjacent to the sky, my eyes wander in amazement. I haven't walked this long during the night for a while. So i dazed along, holding on to every second. I don’t want to lose this feeling of awe. And how simple things such as these indulge me in a trance, forgetting all my worries. So i walked along further. Mesmerized.

As i reached home, i sat by the balcony and looked up straight again. And stared. Many thoughts raced in my head. I knew i had failed in many things. It usually shuns my world. But somehow, today, this time, it's different.

There is this invisible magical aura behind me. Like a cushion that is patiently guiding, awaiting my fall, blocking the abyss of an endless pit. I've fallen too many times before. Struggled, crawled my way to get out, but always ended up falling again. Now i feel a "harang", a hindrance, a hedge.

And in my head, i hear a soft whisper, the line that seems to perfectly mends it all...
"Stand up, hold my hand, and float with me."

Then i stood up from my seat, releasing a big long sigh. An atomic exploding, velvet-softness sigh. A sigh I’ve been waiting so long to get out of me. I opened the door. I went inside the house with a faint smile and twinkling bright eyes. I now, can see clearly.

note: I always tend to hide meanings in between the lines.

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