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Monday, June 06, 2005

Tranced by the Dark Sound

Some blogging ago, someone posted about the 'soundtrack of his life'... Today I burned a cd with some recently downloaded mp3s which I compiled. It's somehow my "Soundtrack of the moment". Significance? After all that, Last song made me teary-eyed.

1. You, Looking at Me for a Sign - Martyn Bates
2. Her Majesty's Trusted Food - The Tear Garden
3. Asleep - Love Spirals Downwards
4. Our Lips Are Sealed - Avrocar
5. With The Fume of Sighs - Dead Eros
6. In Search of My Rose - The Tear Garden
7. Mercy - I Am X
8. Violaine - Cocteau Twins
9. Monstrous Joy - Eyeless in Gaza
10. Track Three - Cyberia
11. The Shadow Box - Edward Ka-Spel
12. Hold Me - Sleeping Dogs Wake
13. Fond Affections - This Mortal Coil
14. This Will Make You Love Again - I Am X

I Am X

note: i miss my guitar... and miss mij lief... if i have to switch the lights off, i wanna switch them off with you..

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Anonymous dead eros whispered...

Not to be a dick, but the song is titled 'With the Fume of Sighs.' Glad you enjoy it, though.

7/6/05 12:02 PM  
Anonymous chris whispered...

Very nice selection of music, though I am unfamiliar with a portion of it. I love burning compilations, its my dirty little secret. I often follow some of the standards noted in High Fidelity, but usually just go with what feels right. Great blog.

7/6/05 1:57 PM  
Anonymous lws whispered...

eyyyyyyyy ako eto pa lang na co copy ko na mp3's madami di kumpleto almost 12hrs pagpinatugtog..

04:06---Kahit Isang Saglit
04:06---Russian Red Army Choir - Internationale
03:19---Morning has Broken - Cat Stevens
03:52---Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson
03:27---Words - BeeGees
04:13---Abba - Gold Greatest Hits - 12 Fernando
02:09---bocarrie American idol group song
03:37---The Long and Winding Road
03:17---She's Always A Woman
03:13---Judy Collins - Both Sides Now
04:11---Breath - Faith Hill

haaaaaaaay music nga naman....pagnagka tiyaga ako ililista ko ng buo;)

7/6/05 3:09 PM  
Blogger Kate whispered...

Just want to say thanks for voting for me. For some reason I never have the time to vote amd comment. You must be a quicker clicker than me. :)

8/6/05 9:57 PM  
Blogger LadyWhiteSpirit whispered...

eyyyy siyangapala...sana mapansin totoo lang di ko alam kung ikaw ay he/she...hehehehe

ano nga?kasi balak kita tawaging bro nahiya ako baka kasi "she"ka pala let me know para di ako nalito matagal ko ng gustong tanungin ngayon lang ako nagkaron ng lakas ng loob.:P

9/6/05 4:07 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

dead eros - oh sorry, man! hehe must have been my poor eyesight. but made the changes now. and like the music indeed.

kate - just hunting for good reads.

chris, lws - my latest project... Ambres tagged me to list our pick for Top 50 Albums of all time*.* could have been 100 but hmm... im now down to ranking them. think ill post it at moogie blog soon.

10/6/05 2:49 AM  

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