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Saturday, May 14, 2005


under a starless night
waves of delight
hang by the corners of my skin
and how long will it be not
me through the light beam?

must i not want anything
but you surrounding me
instead of waves of salty promises,
bitter dreams?

we lay in the midst
of our unconsciousness
as i write the intuitions
of a lover whom -
i may not have known
the flare of life and all its meaning
and i repeat and go repeating

as the hearts of knowledge interpolate
be not wanting
from the shade

purple dim lights
an empty glass of fire
gun shots
the noise and chaos within me
explodes in the night

and i hear the echo outside
and i feel the coldness within
and i sense the longing
of a tranquil becoming

and the mysterious ways
movements of love
will bring forth its finality
and darkness lest give no meaning

crowning our Elysium
with my own dagger, an obelisk
yellow flowers i shred
i tremble within.
when will it ever be?

and the sky's teardrop seals it all.

voed me met uw kus

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Anonymous Anonymous whispered...

kinda confusing. but the obelisk ~ ok i get it. nice pictures!


15/5/05 6:16 AM  
Blogger JK whispered...

just stopping by to check out your blog- thanks for your awesome feedback and for linking to me on your site. I really enjoyed reading your work. Very creative and intersting perspective. I love the pictures as well.
Thought provoking & inspiring. well done!

24/5/05 2:26 PM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

ooh thanks! i actually thought only 2 persons liked this poem.. now it's three.. hehe..

25/5/05 3:34 AM  

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