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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sea, Swallow Me

She drifted along a redwood boat. Without oars. Without sails.
Lying chest-down, her hands wade with the water.
Her feet splashed gently to its sound.
The sun lost within the clouds and mist. Hiding behind the waters of the sky.
And the sea now eyeing her. Wanted to engulf her. Although it was aback.
It was thinking twice.
She looked so serene and peacful, to be lost in its deep waters.
And yet looked so lonely and alone, not to be either.

But all her strength was gone, like water spilled on the ground.
All her bones are out of joint, her heart melted like wax.
Her throat was dry as dust, her tongue sticks to the roof of her mouth.
She needed the sea to keep her nurtured and warm.

Little splash of waves bathed the girl in the grey luster of its gaze.
Voices drifted on the water like waste paper.
Words, sighs, and whispers whose owners were nowhere to be seen.
She looked down on the water.
A field spread with thousands of broken panes of glass.
She saw her jagged reflection.
Maybe those were her thoughts spilling out of her, whispering in her ears...
Maybe it was the sea telling her something.

Years of hauling water, with no chance of beauty or color of light,
stretched before her like an endless sea, where, a long way across,
a landscape of hills and trees and pines... is visible but can never be reached.
Fata Morgana! A mirage...
she wondered for the first time after passing long summer days in the sea
I no longer want to be here!

u bent mijn zee

And she offered herself. Closed her eyes.
Gasped for all the air her lungs could hold, and held onto it...
She dove in... forgetting how long she was attached to the boat.
Letting go, she left with nothing, as she came with nothing.
Head first, a splatter on her face like a million decks of cards.

The sea now, with all anticipation, welcomed her whole.
I was waiting for you.
And she was wraped within its tears of blue,
with no breath, no yesterday, no tomorrow.
The air was reduced to a permanent twilight
and she found herself in the arms of sleep
within the water of Life.

note: based on a dream and inspired by a song of Elizabeth Fraser

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Blogger Jessica whispered...

gorgeous, that is all I can say.

6/5/05 10:49 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

oh, and your fractured lense photos are even more gorgeous.

7/5/05 4:30 AM  

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