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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Comments Link Lost

I don't know what happened. I can't even remember tampering with the html of the comments part. Now im viewing my page for the nth time!

After a lovely evening, I went to check out my blog as the sun was rising. I got a mail from my Moogie Blog comments, .A. can't seem to post a comment at my poem Drunk Sailor.

I think it started with my failure to get the fresco referral links right. So i tried a new one from ej stone, but my brain cells acted dumb today ha! Even asked them for help. No answers yet. Well, if all else fails, id get that Halo Scan comments linked.

Hmm.. maybe its the comming storm. After getting the html from blogger help, which messed it up even more ... lol... i was getting paranoid on who or what tampered with the codes. But maybe its just me...Thinking maybe i blocked out one time which i cannot recall. A sudden lapse probably. With all these heat, i do need some break, away from this temp. and the temp of my pc too! lol.. suddenly jumping to 50+ degrees Celsius! oh noo...

And another prob living in a tropical country especially in May, you know it will rain after a few hours when the temp rises too hot. And the heat makes you forget things. I even forgot the template of Moogie Blog and twisted are the same. tssk ...and i searched endlessly for the codes somewhere else. I even thought of waking up sweet Capt. Moogie just to ask for help. But hey, this can wait.

Now its starting to rain. see! I knew it! Crash and howl" ..i can hear the wind now blowing the leaves off the trees.

oh, it even made me forgot why i didnt go to work today. lol.
Well, i better post this later. I keep on getting that "page cannot be displayed" message from ie. And its a bad idea to be online while there are lightnings outside.

note: for comments, pls proceed to outside the box and post them there first if you can't post here, while i figure this out.

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Blogger Ambres whispered...

Heeeeeee It Works Again!
Kissssssses from Captain Easychord

27/5/05 6:57 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

wow this is so great! thanks! thanks! thanks! mmmmmm.... always listen to the Captain!

27/5/05 7:33 AM  

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