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Sunday, December 05, 2004

If wishes were Horses

falling inlove again... with my pc that is. a fine day for reconcilliation.

windows xp is damn cool, that is if you have an Intel PERL motherboard... and im just a stupid buff! its suppose to be so darn easy, no need for a professional computer technician slash and or geek. I forgot all about System Restore It! (comes with the Intel installer) lol... I can restart and load my settings the last time I remembered them fixed. and I stupidly downloaded this and that... only crowded my space. Now im cleaning them up... manually. Thanks to my instincts. Well, uninterrupted 12 hours into internet space, sore eyelids and crampy fingers almost brought me to the brink of dementia. And dementia begins with failing attention and memory, loss of mathematical ability, irritability and loss of sense of humor, and poor orientation in space and time.

And no thanks to microsoft. I emailed them my prob but replied with tons of links that didn't gave me a solution. Oh, wasted pre-paid connection time. Well, I promised to thank by the way these two ppl from winmx p2p room, Troublefriends... even if they didn't actually told me exactly what to do... lol. Although the short lecture on bits and bytes that were totally outta my topic was quite informative. Oh, forgot their names... too much intoxication... and yeah 1/8 bits make up 1 byte. or is it the other way around? lmao...

And after successfully fixing my pc; almost finished a half-filled bottle of Mateus, I spinned off my top five falling inlove albums. here's my list ....


1. Glider - My Bloody Valentine
2. Population Four - Cranes
3. At the Height of Summer - July Skies
4. Holiday in Rhode Island - The Softies
5. If Wishes Were Horses - Blueboy

For a media player, my priorities are straight. visualization, color enhancement and skin chooser. Besides, i've got nero to take care of my rips and cool altec lansing speakers and subwoofer to deal with my ears. *kisses my pc monitor... coz there's nobody else physically here to kiss...

note: Marco, your comment was too late, but tnx anyway, Are you in Brazil?!?

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