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Thursday, December 02, 2004

insomnia and fish crackers

im thinking of posting articles from diff 'zines. im thinking of lightening up a bit. maybe put up some interview with some nobody. maybe post some pictures or album covers. although i do not know how. or impatient to wait for a complete upload. dial-up sucks. cable sucks even more. dsl sucks. and having no money make it all suck. im still waiting for my phone bill. i think there is some hidden fee from this site. i think the magna carta for students are long time overdue. students here in the philippines need better teachers. i was never allowed to any youth for christ campout. i think sonic youth's latest album, sonic nurse is a storm! three storms just passed by the country this week. and expecting another one this week. at least 420 people died. thousands lost their homes. hundreds more still missing. i miss my boyfriend from another continent. wish i had a webcam. wish i know what italian composer Paolo Conte was singing about. i think im about to finish my downloads. Low Dream from Brazil is so damn COOL! wish i could post an interview with them here. Another new found obsession: Angels of Light. fave song: Song for Nico. are they found in amg? i found my lost suitcase. inside my wallet. er, or was it the other way around? i always jog around the block twice every morning. its already 4am and my pillows are still rejecting me. i think i need to buy new ones. i think The cranes' Beautiful Sadness is skipping. damn download! it is skipping! i think its about 20 degrees here. i think in london its 6. i think id eat snow for breakfast. oh i forgot, it doesn't snow here. i think thinking too much would make my face look older. i think i forgot to buy another pack of fish crackers. i think i need a smoke. pass me the pot please...

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