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Sunday, November 28, 2004

The problems with cut and paste....

:: :: Additional FACTS :: ::
(that was previously unreadable)

In Ancient Europe, especially during the time of the Roman Empire, suicide was an approved and sometimes an honored act. The Romans, affected by Stoic doctrine (see Stoicism), recognized many legitimate reasons for suicide. The Roman philosopher Seneca praised it as the last act of a free human. (Where he himself committed)

The four cardinal virtues of the Stoic philosophy are wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance, a classification derived from the teachings of Plato.Before the rise of Christianity, Stoics recognized and advocated the brotherhood of humanity and the natural equality of all human beings.

And the rather extreme Japanese respected instances of hara-kiri, in which a shamed individual made amends for failure or desertion of duty by ritual impalement on a dagger.

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Blogger nico trance whispered...

searching for u i created my webpage as well. anyways, lts see.. my comment is that T (P)- T (Q), whereas P woould not be true without Q being true as well, and T (P) - T (Q), whereas P would not conceivable be true without Q being true as well.

28/11/04 9:47 PM  

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