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Monday, December 06, 2004


calling out
your name in my head
a thousand distance
of a blank stare
the scent of sunset embraces me

as you lit the candle
afloat our dreams
in the still light

in the arms of slumber
be dead to the world,
and our thoughts linger on
quiet in the dark

with many eyes staring
but we,
gentle as the sound
understood it all…

shall never take you away
for its shower
offered you to me.
but lightnings

brought the cessation of dreams
cast out in the twilight
and now as I call out your name

across both worlds,
the echo of my soul
fades out with the sound.

still I know,
we will forever be one
and the weakness remains.

note: This is the original version. I attempted to put some notes for this one and tried to turn it into a song. But due to harmony and chord patterns, some words were rearranged and deleted. Resulted to two totally different songs. With appologies to those who heard this... hope i didn't hurt your ears... lacht voluit...

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Blogger freedom pad 'zine whispered...

hey why haven't you sent me a demo?
now you're learning some german eh, or is that dutch? lol...can't make out what lacht voluit means.


12/12/04 11:48 AM  

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