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Saturday, April 29, 2006

First Inspiration Challenge: Chair

full size

Q: "If given a chance to go back in time just for one month, without any memory of being from the future, what year/age would you prefer to be? Why? And, what would you do?"

A: If I would be given this chance, I'd choose to be 14 again.

The first major concert I have been to was a year before this, when Sonic Youth came to Manila. And I can't imagine myself listening to other genres of music from that time on. Those were the days that were both exciting and eye-opening. I would not prefer innocence and simplicity of life for a month. If I should go back, whoa! What a way to spend a month from such an adventurous year.

Around that year, Bram Stroker's Dracula (the movie) was so popular among my friends that all of us were mystically drawn to either Keanu Reeves or Dracula, where I prefer to be fond of the latter (lots of debate then). This was the time when we had school plays and I was the head of the props and music department.

The time when I was first invited to go on a weekend mountain hike, with bonfires, marshmallows and waking up by the sunrise over the mountain; Going to school fairs and yes, sneaking at concerts in universities. Pretending to be legal aged (well, never successful then) but thinking of the craziest ideas just to be able to buy drinks that were prohibited for us that time.

That time, when we experimented on our talents, musically impaired or not, artistically frustrated or not. And, that’s the time when we conceptualized an "underground newspaper". Yes, another reason to sneak behind our teachers.

So much to do for a month tho, but yes we did it then, and if I were to go back and experience it all over, I'd be glad to.

* . * . *

Now, thanks to those who answered this question too. (See all comments in full)

Some of us prefer to stay at the present. Especially for this challenge coz, one cannot bring along the memory of being from the future, like Ambres, Fotolinks and Floots, who prefers to just cherish their memories from the past. Another one who'd stay at the present is Irvine, who technically, can't go back to the past. He is in his wonder years, innocent and bit naive, but hey, arent children suppose to be like that?

Those who have tapped their inner child and would love to pay a visit for a month to the past:

Michealage: 4 1/2
special reason: to live in a magical, sometimes scary, always exciting world, where everything generates a million questions and every day is an adventure
fondest memory: "Curious George"
Isayage: 6 years old
fondest memory: flying kites with her two younger sisters and siblings
special reason: life was simple then
Dietyage: 8 years old
fondest memory: running and screaming with her brothers and friends
special reason: sugar canes
brother nanchingage: fifth grade
fondest memory: The time she "embraced boyish ways" but have "terribly lots of crush". (lol) And biking around the village collecting newspapers and bottles for a school paper drive.
special reason: being a member of "macho brothers" and autograph book signed by her crushes (which she gave the names)
Willie Baronettime: before August, 2003
special reason:be with his mom again, hug and tell her how much he love her. And say goodbye the way he wanted
Trixitime: childhood
special reason: because she have very few memories from then, to understand things and why people act the way they do

And for the thoughtful passers-by who haven't made up their minds yet, or chooses to remain in between, are AscenderRisesAbove and Kim Carney.

The good thing here, is that when you go back to the future, you will bring along the memory that you went back for a month..

Thanks for sharing!

full size

note: Photos "Be Right Back" and "chair train master and his assistant" are my entries for Inspiration Challenge. Thanks Odie for inviting me!


5 Park your thoughts here:

Blogger floots whispered...

great pix

i think you're right that i wouldn't go back
i like to use the past to shed light on the present and the future
(if that doesn't sound too pretentious)

what i would like is is to get back some of the energy of my twenties into the knees of my fifties :)

1/5/06 6:31 PM  
Blogger Rrramone whispered...

I'm always fascinated by hypothetical questions. :-) This one is tough for me. I would generally say I wouldn't go back, and partly because I wouldn't have memory of the future (which I can't imagine). But another part of me wants to go back to anytime before August of 2003, just so I could be with my mom again, and hug her and smell her and tell her I love her. And if I could have some memory of the future I would tell her goodbye the way I wanted to.

1/5/06 8:02 PM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

floots.. oh wouldnt we all want such strength to reamin with us til we reach our 50s? hee.. well I see it that inner strength is what keeps us live longer.. and thanks for taking part on the challenge.

rrramone.. thanks for sharing your story. If it was to go back to make changes, indeed I too would like to go back to that Christmas when I wasnt able to hug and spend time with my mom for the last time too. If I can do that, I'd read her the poem I made for her.

2/5/06 7:18 AM  
Blogger trixi whispered...

First of all, your "chairmaster" photo is priceless - I can so relate to "tasks" like that when I was a child. I would feel so purposeful and accomplished when done.

Regarding going back to my childhood, I think I would, mainly because I have very few memories from then. I would like to see how I felt and what my world was like having a few of the tools i do now to understand things and why people act the way they do.

7/5/06 12:41 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

ohh thanks for adding your thoughts to this... I agree with you about those little "tasks" for kids!

now adding your comment up together with willie's! 8)

8/5/06 6:15 AM  

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