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Sunday, December 12, 2004


I stare. An empty gaze into nothing.
Into an illusion of an object I see.
And now I know and yet I don’t understand.
And what is this in front of me?
An image of an imaginary life.
Thrown back into the thought again.
Shadows and lullabies.
Tomorrows said goodbye.
And my memory fades and my movement halts.
And I stare.
A blank stare.
Nothing to think about, nothing to do.
No problems unsolved.
No worries to befall.
And yet in this small world within limitless boundaries,
I found peace.
And yet, the turmoil of an undeciphered heart
wraps the question of yesterday and now.

Wind blows hard, still no muscles bound,
bound to change.
And so I drift together with the wind.
And I won’t smile, and I won’t frown.
I stretch my soul to touch the clouds and make it mine.
And I tie it with my sorrow and I burn it with my misery.
Let it die.
Let it fade.
Burst it into tears of rainy days’ summer
and dry season’s winter.
And I stare.
Into an empty space and time.
Movements gone. Following me down.
And I drain an envelop lust for space.
The void I see in front of me,
asking to enter within.
And I see another me …...

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