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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Let's Go Away for a While

We started a story whose end must not wait.
We began a journey that founded new life.
We spoke a message that bought revolutions to cease.
We saw the unseen. We felt the gaiety of the unknown.
The erotic confrontation that startled our worlds,
has brought rainfalls and snowstorms pause and see.

Now, the stars are watching. Now, the color of the sky is fading.
You’ve come to the rescue of my demented soul
and shouted to the oceans to halt.
Tomorrows are of nothingness. Now is the time. Now is the crusade.
I have lingered the lastingness of your taste.
I have absorbed the essence of your energy.
I have partaken the flesh of your being.
I shall conquer the depths of your soul.

And as I pour you once again in my thoughts,
the sweet scent of your spirit, the enchantment it brings………
I shall flutter my tongue and submit to your substance. I’ll do what I please.
I shall endure the sensation, and soothe my agony.
Your warmth…….. it twitches down my spine. I ache for you.
I feel you to my bones, I feel you down my soul.
I feel the numbness of my body as I feel you within.

And finally I breathe deep and devour the alluring taste of your aura.
Your aura that I shall want over and over, and over and over.
Your aura that I shall…….. never force myself to forget.

note: nice Title for a background music...

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Blogger nico trance whispered...

again, you write really well. wish i were your muse.

30/1/05 1:40 AM  

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