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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

explosions in the sky

to the spinning circles
in front of me
to my eyes
and the noise
numbs me
staring beyond
by your flarely gaze
i shrink to proportions
of an empty space
and conquered
now lost

all consciousness.

have you ever found the song.. the music that feels like its all about you? there's a big difference in plainly liking a song or an artist, from adoring (or in my case) obsessing, to seeing.. listening to your own thoughts.

for starters, i have to insert this, my last post was not suppose to sound like that (not in any way related to this topic. i just wanna add that)

explosions in the sky...captured my soul... made music that expresses exactly how i feel. their songs six days at the bottom of the ocean and the only moment we were alone is exactly me, actually, the whole album is. its like looking beyond the image in the mirror and finally liking what you see... and it all started with my fascination with Flying Saucer Attack. its a croos between them and Experimental Audio Research. to a cross-breed of Bowery Electric. But explosions is far far more imprinted to my veins.

I could listen to all their albums over and over, with or without intoxication. if you heard them or try to find them and listen, you'll know what i mean. now im placing them to my list of greatest artists of all time... and i don't care if anyone would disagree.

i think i need to put aside the ghosts in my head now. my insomnia is making things worse. level it all down, when i hypnotize myself into thinking that there is somebody out there ...

...and, as explosions in the sky puts it, the earth is not a cold dead place.

note: the poem was written by me and in not any way concerned with the band explosions in the sky. so please click on the link below to save me from further embarrassment.


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