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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Poems for the Jet Set

"yesterday Holland, and today the City of Manila in the Philippines."

Just recently, Billy the Blogging Poet has added Twisted Thoughts to his list of 100 Blogging Poets in 100 Days. Thanks for the link and review, Billy!

Since im havin some time out of mind wrenching Nanowrimo and making an illo, played around my PC, and made a simple logo for y'all.

So to all who fancy poetry, please visit his list of great writers looming around the blogsphere.


3 Park your thoughts here:

Blogger Sorrow X whispered...

hey, thanks for linking me up. it's ppl like yer who encourge me to write more poem and keep my twice a weekly postings. anyways how do yer insert that background image into yer blog??? can yer show me that part of yer template? if possible do email me i'll be starting a joint poem thingy on my blog this comin monday, will come back and drop yer a note. do participate if yer have the time ^^

17/11/05 10:42 PM  
Blogger Aristocrat whispered...

Hello my dear,

Thank you for that lovely comment you left on my tomes. Oscar Wilde indeed, I am honoured if that poem reminds you of yours truly.

I had tried my hand at penning something that has the Romantic touch as well, but I have to say that it is still a works-in-progress.

Look forward to more works from you soon! And congratulations on being in the 100 blogging poets list :)

18/11/05 3:19 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

X..well, poetry is the soul, speaking.. and yours are worth reading. 8)

oh, of course, glad to help.. im gonna mail you now the html code for that. im making some changes on my template too, which i hopefully finish this weekend. as for the 'joint poem thingy' sure! count me in.

aristocrat.. hehe thanks. and yeah Wilde is defenitely wild. lol..

20/11/05 8:19 AM  

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