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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

i am the waves

i found you in my hidden world
you left marks of footprints
  as you walked by...
and like a shadow
i tail behind you
stilled in my own hiding
stilled in my somewhere, swirling.

deep cascades -
into the waves shatter
blue pine needles steals the clouds
lavender sky and the dying light
reading in a tranced-like of sounds
causes us to run
to a straggle as it continues.

a pre-mature twilight drowned the day
better move and wait no longer
as your figure pass my eyes
your voice my ears

now the clouds walk away
and your sandtoes then decends
from your high loafing stone
dusted with powdered portraits
and little do you remain
and flakes of my images
  you throw to the wind
as it blows to my direction
leaving but clues...

so i drown them afloat my waters.

yes i am the waves
coming from your opposite direction.
now rushing towards you.

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