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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sick Sick World!

world peace will never be achieved
candles for lost hope?

The roof of the red double-decker bus flew 30 feet into the air.
Flames shot down the side of one subway
and train cars went dark after a loud bang.
Trapped passengers threw themselves to the floor,
smashed windows with umbrellas or wept in terror.

Above ground, eerie silence broken by the mounting keen of sirens.
Below ground, a vision of the inferno, a hellhole of fire,
shattered glass, buckled metal and human pain.
Smoke poured through the tunnels from each of the blasts.

* 8.51am: A blast hits between Liverpool Street and Aldgate underground stations, killing seven people.
* 8.56am: An explosion detonates in the underground near the central King's Cross station. A further 21 die.
* 9.17am: A device explodes at Edgware Road underground station, the western part of the centre of the city, slicing through a carriage, a wall and, police say, into two other trains. Seven people are killed.
* 9.47am: An explosion blows apart the number 30 double-decker bus from east London's Hackney to central Marble Arch. Two die.

That reminded me of Theo van Gogh, the Dutch film-maker who had angered Islamists with his documentary about the mistreatment of women in Islam, who was shot by an Islamist assassin on his way to work in Amsterdam last November. According to witnesses, Van Gogh begged for mercy and tried to reason with his assailant. “Surely we can discuss this,” he kept saying as the shots kept coming. “Let us talk it over.”

Who among us ask ourselves "why?" Why does such acts happen? Who would even plot of doing such horrifying things? AN Iranian commentator roots back where the cruelty came from, why an ideology had lapsed in its judgement, why the terrorists have no space for argument and compromise and this is why they did it.

More Links:

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Image Gallery Warning: Some Images are too horrible for the sensitive eyes.

Web site claim for attacks

Somewhere along 1-80, 2 kids burried

Death toll rises as of 08 July 2005 07:28 Western Time, 52 dead, about 700 injured.

London Fears more attacks

Pray for all the missing

Latest on Reuters

"We know that these people act in the name of Islam, but we also know that the vast and overwhelming majority of Muslims here and abroad are decent and law-abiding people who abhor those who do this every bit as much as we do." - prime minister Tony Blair

note: Whoever has a link to the names of the critically injured and those who pssed away, please please place it under my comments. Mick R... if you are reading this, please send smoke signals!


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