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Monday, February 21, 2005

Dreams and what they might mean

Awake. To feel an awakening experience, signifies that there is some good and brighness instore for you, but there will be disappointments intermingled between the present and that time.

Rice. Rice is good to see in dreams. It fortells success and warm friendships. Prosperity to all trades is promised. To eat it, signifies happiness and domestic comfort. To see it mixed with dirt or otherwise impure, denotes sickness and separation from friends.

Kitchen. To dream that your kitchen is clean and orderly fortells you will become the mistress of interesting fortunes.

Sun. To dream of seeing clear, shining sunrise, foretells joyous events and prosperity, which give delightful promises. A sun shining through clouds, denotes that troubles and difficulties are losing hold on you, and prosperity is nearing you.

hmm... interesting dream. it's not really boring if you look at these possible meanings.. no more dark clouds... *.*

reference: Encyclopedia of Dreams, c 1993 Tiger Books International, London

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Blogger dreaming-neko whispered...

so what does it mean when i dream of you~ and you dream of me? :)

23/2/05 4:00 PM  

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