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Thursday, January 27, 2005


hey. its not even a friday. nobody's home (well, this I actually like). and nobody's online! whattha! yea, I know I said I won't be posting for a while. erase that. it's just one of my panic-attacks. now im clicking thru and reading random blogs. and yep, wasting pre-paid internet time. (ya all know how sloooow my crappy connection is tho) and erm, im pathetically refreshing my inbox over and over. waiting for emails esp from my ambres! (yes, and im declaring his name out loud... Ambres!) hey, his blog isn't up at the mo. sniff*

and nothing's goin on at slsk, not even my wishlist. arg! all my dloads are in queue like 50-ish or more than a 100th. and the page shared to me have the 6th song onwards undownloadable. brr...

there is a constantly appearing pop up that says I should upgrade my Windows Internet Explorer. hmm.. I dunno if I should trust this one. so im repeatedly clicking "no".

so now, I only have the chioce to update my blog, or edit html, blah blah. then I searched for free music links and found
this site.

woah! cool skin and intro (with music, of course) but currently no shared html music links. blah! althought a good choice of name for a site... kinda reminds me of the Ocean Blue's Cerulean album. ha! you can choose from their background templates tho. and yes, it's free. but don't link to their page as it crowds their bandwidth(webmaster emphasizes this) blah.

ok, fine. search some more... ooh. ooh. tutorials! mmm... trying the codes to
color my scrollbar. mmm.. from aol. well, it does show when I preview it. prob is when I saved my template, and "view blog" it doesn't show. blah! and it took me a while to edit the colors.. brr..

here's a cute html.
circular mouse curser now this I've gotta try.

ooh, wait. I've got mail!

hah, from my aunt in LA. sent me their family pictures from last christmas and new year. hmm... miss my cousins! now i've gotta reply on this. they wanted me to study up Nursing. well, dunno if I can do that. nothing to lose, they said. hmm.. i say maybe internet time. hah! im such a bum.

clicking some more...

more tutorials...

doesn't work.

search again...

blah! java. can't understand this.

searching. waiting. weee! my ambres is online. oh, well... see y'all.

note: now posting while jumping like a child with a skip rope...

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Anonymous Anonymous whispered...

liked to stay "anonymous"

a... so it is Ambres....
who is ambres anyway?

err, i liked the moon thingy on the side.

31/1/05 6:31 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

the question is .. Who are you?

well, i luv staring at the moon outdoors, indoors ... both in the real world and cyber world.

and uh, just to add... if you're regularly visiting this blog you'll know who my Ambres is...

31/1/05 6:49 AM  

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