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Friday, December 31, 2004


Have you ever felt tired of living? Have you ever felt that the end of the world is near? Have you ever wished for it to come true? Have you ever felt that nobody loves you? Have you ever felt so alone as if you're the only person in the world? Like nobody wants to listen; noody's there when you look around you? Have you ever felt like you're standing in a crowded room, shouting at the top of your voice yet nobody hears? Or, have you felt everyone's watching your every move? Have you ever painted your room using a stamp? Have you ever thought of dying? Do you think that death is the solution to loneliness? Have you ever wondered what was it like in the other side? Do you think there is another side? Have you ever seen a dead person hanging in front of you? Have you ever thought of hanging yourself? Have you ever thought of shooting your former lover with a silencer? Have you ever felt that you won't be alive the next day? Have you ever felt that you have no future? Have you ever felt that you are seriously psychotic? Have you ever thought of killing yourself? Have you ever thought of being a serial killer someday? Have you ever hit yourself so hard you want to damage your brains? Have you ever hid inside the cabinet overnight or under the piano? Have you lost your fear in death? Have you ever felt so numb you don't wanna speak for days? Have you ever felt being immune to all the emotions in the world? Did you ever feel that you are nothing? Have you ever cried so long that you almost can't open your eyes the next day? Have you ever failed in everything? Were you the victim of your own faults? Have you ever been obsessed in the thought of dying? Have you ever been obsessed with a bisexual? Have you ever had a crush on a stuffed toy? Did you ever think of making candies out of dead butterflies? I did.
note: Here's somethin i've written almost a decade ago. And it still leaves that sting in my thoughts.

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Blogger Tad (Nudist Poet) whispered...

In this passage:

"Did you ever thought of making candies out of dead butterflies? I did."

It needs to be either:

"Have you ever thought of..."
"Did you ever think of..."

I've been perpetually single all my life, and I am celibate until marriage, so I often feel some of the things you said in this piece, like "What's wrong with me? There are around three billion women in the world, and I can't even find one."

Thanks for your comments on my poem, "POWER." I really appreciate it. It's always nice to know someone else can relate.

9/1/05 5:37 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh whispered...

ops. sorry for the grammatical error. as i said, i've written this almost 10 years ago... so you can just imagine how old i was then. hmmm...

thanks for noticing, tho. anyway, the new edited version is up.

added a link to your site.

keep on reading... you perfectly blend in with the crowd of shadows hovering here.

10/1/05 4:19 AM  

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